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Can You Escape?

Suffolk Escape Academy has 2 new exciting escape rooms to offer you and your team.  If you’re looking for a fun activity with colleagues or planning a family gathering, our escape rooms will give you the ultimate, memorable experience. Book your escape with us today!    

We are centrally based in West Suffolk only 5 mins from the A14, 10 mins from Bury St Edmunds, 15 mins from the 5 ways roundabout (A11) and 30 mins from Cambridge.

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Accept the Challenge

Welcome all to Suffolk Escape Academy! As escape room fans, we wanted to create unique escape rooms with a twist to offer a different kind of escape. We’ve created immersive rooms with ingenious puzzles to ensure you have the best escape room experience. We offer exclusive escape rooms in Suffolk starting with The Great Detective (now open!)  and more rooms coming very soon including Prison Blues. Grab your teammates and see if you can escape? Select Book Online Now!

Our Escape Rooms:


The game is afoot, as Scotland Yard announces Sherlock Holmes is missing! With only a text message from the Great Detective alluding to his whereabouts, it’s up to you & your team of sleuths to inspect 221B Baker Street using methods of deduction, you’ll need your wits about you and your puzzle solving skills to crack the case of this mystery and become The Next Great Detective!


So,  been caught at last.   Now I get to look after you....well for the next hour at least.    

You maybe wondering why you are all in one cell,  budget cuts.  Also why only an hour?  budget cuts again,  you see it is cheaper to just ship you away to a random Atlantic island than to keep you here.   Anyway would you look at the time,  It's my lunch.   No funny business while I'm gone!


Our Next escape room is in a REAL prison transport van, 

 You and your team have deliberately been caught and are on your way to be executed?  Why you may ask?   To rescue a spy called 00SEWN aka Plushie Dan.     Can you break out of this high security wagon and rescue one of our countries softest heroes?

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